In every automobile, the function of the headlight is to illuminate the road ahead of the automobile so as to reveal objects ahead from a safe distance. At the same time, it should cause minimum discomfort for drivers coming from the opposite side. In order to achieve this, a 'meeting' beam (dip beam) is provided in addition to the driving beam (high beam) so as to reduce the dazzle for those approaching head-on to the vehicle.

Night Driving

A frequent cause of accidents at nights is the glare caused by oncoming vehicles which momentarily blinds the driver's vision. It takes three to eight seconds for a person with good eyesight to recover from the glare and during this time, the vehicle will have covered a long distance in utter darkness and it will be sheer luck if it escapes an accident.

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Manual Beam Shifting

Manual beam shifting is not being done satisfactorily due to a variety of reasons, which includes sheer physical strain involved in operation of the dipper switch hundreds of times every night. (The total switching instances for a single night will be 1000 if we consider 8 hours of traveling and one encounter every one-minute and...

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Driver Vision and Glare

The human eye, one of the most complex organs and the greatest gift of nature, is equipped with a variety of adaptation abilities. However, it is incapacitated by glare. The human eye's inability to refuse glare sources in the normal visual field (the sun does not fall in the normal visual field) during the long evolution process might be because nature was unaware...

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RBA could play a crucial role in shifting the headlights from driving beam to meeting beam and vice versa. This will improve visibility by minimizing glare, a major cause of momentary loss of vision.


RBA is a combination of a Sensor and a Solid State Relay that are together capable of changing vehicle headlamp beam without the intervention of the driver based on the set of objective road conditions. Its primary aim is to reduce the dazzle for the observer approaching ahead of the vehicle while ensuring that the user will not be put to inconvenience. The sensor will be installed inside the car cabin while the relay sits under the car bonnet. The relay handles the electrical switching of the headlamp between different beams.


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